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Information Governance

Guidance About Your Information

Why do we need to hold information about you?
To support your care whilst you are here with us at Holywell Nursing Home, the people looking after you will keep records of the care and treatment you receive. This information is held securely in our records and can then be used by the people who look after you so that they can give you the best possible care and treatment. It is important to ensure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time so they can provide you with the right care.

How it is kept safe?
We take great care in looking after personal information, where confidentiality and security are our highest priorities. Information about you will be kept securely, either in locked fireproof metal filing cabinets or on password-protected computers in offices with locks and restricted access.

Who uses your information?
Your information will be used by our staff on a day-to-day basis to help us achieve your needs, however from time to time other professional bodies may require to see your records. These can be for a number of reasons such as for Local Authority Quality Assurance, CQC inspections or Commissioning Group Monitoring Visits. There is also a possibility that personal information could be used in de-identified form for research, audit, public health and other purposes.

How you can access your information?
In relation to Freedom of Information and Data Protection, if you want to view your medical records, you may not need to make a formal application. Nothing in the law prevents healthcare professionals from informally showing you your own records and you can make an informal request by speaking to the Matron/Registered Provider.

Accessing GP Records
Some GPs have given online access to their patients’ GP records for some time. From April 2015 all GPs should give their patients online access to summary information in their records. This is part of the drive to provide more GP online services to patients. It should give you more control of your health and well-being, especially if you are managing a condition that needs regular monitoring and frequent prescriptions.

Accessing someone else’s records
If you want to view medical records held by other NHS services you would need to make a formal request under the Data Protection Act (1998) and apply in writing to the holder(s) of the records. For example, if you can’t access your GP records online and wish to see a paper version, write to your GP or the practice manager. If you want to see your hospital records, write to the hospital’s patient’s services manager or medical records officer.

To access someone else’s health records, you must:

• Be acting on their behalf with their consent, or
• Have legal authority to make decisions on their behalf (power of attorney), or
• Have another legal basis for access

Under Access to Health Records Act (1990) you can make a request to view the records of a deceased person. You can find detailed guidance on how to submit your request on the GOV.UK website.

You should provide your name, an email or postal address and the information you want. Please be as concise as possible about the information you want as this will help to find the information.

Would you like to know more?
If you would like any more information about any of the ways in which your information is held, used and viewed please feel free to speak to the Matron/Registered Provider. Alternatively there are some web pages that provide further details at the following address: NHS England Health Records